Delivery Terms & Conditions

I understand that all Cinnayum Cinnamon Rolls may contain traces of wheat, dairy, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, gluten and milk. Cinnayum will not be held responsible for any allergic reactions that I may have when I have chosen to eat the Cinnamon Rolls at my own risk.

I understand that the flavours of Cinnayum Cinnamon Rolls that I have selected may be subject to availability.

I understand this is a zero contact delivery service and give Cinnayum the authority to leave my goods unattended if I am not home.

I understand that if I am not home, my order will be placed by the front door in the safest location possible, unless I specify a different location.

I understand that Cinnayum cannot be held responsible for theft or damage to unattended orders that are left outdoors.

I understand that Cinnayum cannot be held responsible if an order is delayed in delivery due to an order placed with incomplete or incorrect delivery information.

I understand that a redelivery fee will occur if the delivery address I have entered is incorrect and requires my order to be redelivered.

I understand that Cinnayum reserve the right to decide whether or not it is suitable to leave the goods unattended.

I understand that if Cinnayum cannot find a suitable location to leave my order, I will be contacted to organise redelivery for a different date and will be charged a redelivery fee.

I understand that I will be liable to forfeit the full amount of my order, and/or pay additional re-delivery fees in the event that my order is deemed as undeliverable.

Situations where we will deem arrangements as being undeliverable, at customer fault include (but are not limited to):

  • Apartment buildings with restricted access and no-one is home
  • No-one present at a business address and the premises is locked
  • Any other situation where we are unable to safely and securely deliver your order

Refunds & Exchange Policy

I understand that a minimum of 48 hours notice is required for all cancellations in order to receive a full refund.
I understand that all orders that are cancelled within the 48 hour cancellation period will be non-refundable
I understand that as all goods are perishable, refunds or exchanges are not accepted once my order has been delivered.
I understand that if I have any issues with my order I must contact Cinnayum within 12 hours of receiving my delivery. I understand that it is at the discretion of Cinnayum to decide if I am eligible to receive a refund or exchange for my issue.

Our rights are reserved as follows

We aim to satisfy all our customers however we are unable to accept returns if a flavour does not meet your personal taste preference but we absolutely welcome you to, please submit your feedback. Cinnayum reserves the right to make amendments to our online store Terms & Conditions and Refund and Exchange Policies at any time, without notice or consequence. It is the responsibility of the customer to remain up to date with any changes made. The most current version of our Terms will always be published on our website and any changes will take effect immediately from their time of publication.

If there are any questions regarding these Delivery terms & conditions or Refund and Exchange Policies please contact our Crew.